And so, a year on from Reswyt’s publication, the time has come: I’m downing the blog. Perhaps not permanently, and perhaps not completely – but for the most part, the lights are going off, and this particular battleship is going to be greased down and drydocked.

There are really three reasons for this. First, I started Subterraneum with the intent of journaling some of my thoughts and experiences as I crossed the divide from avocational writer to erstwhile (quite erstwhile) author. I’ve done that. Looking over the last year of posts, it’s fun to relive some of those moments; first reactions to this aspect or that of the publishing business, first reviews, first interviews, first major promotion, etc. But despite the saying about only being able to step in the same river once…it’s still cold and wet. Sometimes that’s shocking, and sometimes it’s refreshing, and sometimes it’s both…but I feel like those experiences belong in a vault of some sort. They’re over and done with, and forward we go.

Second, there’s only so much room in my life for writing – and I’d like to spend that time writing more and blogging less. I’m heavily involved with Chasing Hollyfeld, the blog on gifted education I’m writing with my wife. I’m in alpha read on Khemnet and I’m starting to contemplate a spinoff series (or two, actually). I’m in first draft on Hierophant, first in the next series I’m beginning – not YA, sorry – and I’m really enjoying that. Between those three endeavors, it was pretty clear something had to give, and that something is Subterraneum.

Third, and finally, I’m delighted to find that the books have found a home – but that home is full of lively conversation, not a series of monologues. I think it’s every author’s worst fear that a book ends up speaking to no one. I’m very pleased that Dreamline has found a home, and it’s the home I always intended for it; gifted girls. I aimed Reswyt squarely at my daughter – and hit. But what I’ve learned about this home is that it’s all about conversation. I don’t answer a bale of mail every week, but there’s a pretty steady stream of emails, Facebook messages, and in-person (!) conversations that go on surrounding the books, and I greatly enjoy each of them. Clearly it’s a world you like to talk about, whether over coffee or via email – but that’s best accomplished by leaving more space in my schedule for interaction, and less for blog-format monologues about writing.

On that note, I’ve got writing to do. Keep me in your thoughts; keep the conversations flowing; and keep checking in on the Reswyt Facebook page for news.

‘Til then, thanks for coming by. It’s been fun.



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