There’s an eerie, vacuum-filled period following the mouseclick that gets the KDP and Barnes & Noble publishing engines started on new source files. For one thing, there’s far too much time available to me; work flies by, since I’m not trying to edit over my lunch hour, and the evenings fairly yawn with oceanic grants of free time. That sounds like a good thing, but it’s largely artificial, since I’ve been working myself blind over the course of the past year; this is, in essence, an extra full-time job. It’s not always good for my mental health, either; I start worrying phrases, passages, plot points, et cetera to death again.

So the first thing I do when I finish a book is rebalance the Spectrum (which I discussed in Twenty-Six Point Two). First I pick up and read something truly amazing, and then I pick up and read something truly awful, all in the space of a weekend or so. I won’t name the latter, but the former during this weekend was Brian Aldiss’ Non-Stop, a generation-ship SF work that’s been on my to-read list forever, and more than earned its keep. It was humbling in its depth, brevity (a packed 241 pages), and premise, and I instantly felt like trying to claw Nekhet back from the clutches of the KDP/BN servers as little more than unmixed, lumpy literary cake batter. But then I read my opposing-end Spectrum book, a current bestseller with the word taut misspelled as taught (no, really) and a scene in which a keychain sprouts six feet of very useful deus ex machina rope (I shit you not), with which the main character extricates herself from a scenario threatening certain death.


I am back on the Spectrum!

With that, I’m shutting things down for a bit. There are reviews to beg and plead for, interviews to do (a few scheduled for this week), and then, on Friday, a private little celebration with a few good friends and helpful beta readers for the release. There’s marketing and promotion and other activities to take part in, and time to be spent on the family and myself.  I’m also going to spend a bit of time sketching on two other projects, Myrddin’s Mystic Accounts and Valence, before I get back to Sabine’s tale. So blog posts may be few and far between for a while, at least until I start getting to work on the next book (which I’m thinking will be released late in 2013).

Thanks for the support and interest I’ve received from you over the course of the past year. I didn’t think Reswyt would ever reach the number of people it has, or speak to you at the depth you’ve told me about in your correspondence. That’s an author’s greatest reward, frankly. I’ve met a ton of truly amazing people as a result of this exercise, and it’s been worth it for that alone. It’s been genuinely great to read the emails and Facebook messages I’ve gotten from Reswyt fans, and it’s something that never, ever gets old. I respond to every single one, sometimes late at night, sometimes on a bit of a delay – depending on how my work week is going – but I do answer each and every one. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how you like Nekhet (or even if you don’t).

I’ve also gotten a few fistfuls of emails asking why I’m not going to get the next book out sooner. The short answer is that I can’t, really – not unless I somehow get to bag my day job (which is normally 60+ hours/week) and devote my full-time attention to writing. That’d be a nice state of affairs, and there’s nothing that I’d enjoy more – I love doing this! – but it’s not in the realistic-options universe for me at the moment. Tell you what – get out there and tell your friends about the series, get a book club here and there to start reading the books, convince your lit-reviewer friend to have a look at it,  and somewhere down the line, I’d have a shot at writing full-time.

And that, my friends, puts the next book in your hands a whole lot faster.

‘Til then –



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