Answers to Questions You Haven’t Asked Yet. But Might.

Is this official?

It is. The next book, Nekhet, will be released for the Kindle in April of 2012.

Are you sure of the publication date?

As sure as I am of anything. I’m the one who presses the button that makes it available to you, so it’s under my control. I want it out before the summer, and there’s nothing like releasing a publication date to keep you to your work plan. So April is the target right now, but I’m not releasing anything I’m not happy with. If I feel like it’s ready in April, it’ll be published in April.

Wait – just for the Kindle? What about the Nook? What about iBooks?

I’m not sure yet. Here’s what I do know: the Kindle community has been fantastic. And…well, I’ll be honest; for all the clamor I heard about making sure it was available on the Nook, I’m not super-excited about Nook sales. Tell you what – prove me wrong. Buy a skillion copies on the Nook between now and April. I don’t have any sales on iBooks, and I don’t mean that metaphorically; in my iBooks account is a dead mouse and a dusty Coke bottle. That’s it. Don’t get me started on iBooks.

That’s just punishing Nook owners, isn’t it?

No, there’s real cost involved in doing a Nook edition; it costs money to secure a second ISBN number, and it takes time to produce the Nook version; the Nook e-publication engine is a creaky nightmare to use. But there’s also a secondary reason.  Kindle now has a new offering for Prime members that allows Amazon customers to borrow a Kindle book a month, and I see some minimal compensation for that. That’s a huge help to me, because it broadens my readership base. However, there’s a catch; the title has to be Kindle-exclusive. So, unfortunately, I’m stuck making a choice. There’s no malice involved toward Nook owners; it’s just what Amazon is offering, and it’s take-it-or-leave-it.

* UPDATE 3/1/12 So, of course, being the amazing people you are, you balled up my ‘prove me wrong’ missive and hurled it into my face with a record month of four-digit Nook sales. So of course you’re getting Nekhet on Nook. (Nookhet?)

What about paperback/hardback?


Any other formats?

Yes, it will be out in audiobook format this summer, read by Sir Ian McKellen.

<waits a moment; can no longer contain laughter>

Just kidding. No.

Have you priced Nekhet yet?


Is it available for preorder?

I looked into this, and under KDP, the answer is apparently no. I will let you know ahead of time the exact date it’s coming out.

One of the trailers implies that the horses are involved in this book.

Yes, they are.

What’s that image up top? With the boat?

Not telling.

What’s the blurred orange area behind the raindrops in the trailer?

Not telling.

Who’s in the hospital?

Not telling.

Is there something meaningful reflected in Sabine’s eye on the Facebook page?

Maybe. Not telling.

What’s being built in the other trailer?

Not telling. <checks watch> Done yet?

Do the same characters return?

Yes, plus a few new ones.

Why were the trailers only available for an hour?

I’ve had a ton of support and encouragement from the loyal Facebook community. They’ve been awesome, and they deserved the first look at the trailers. It was fun to make it exclusive for them. The trailers will go up again, probably later in January.

Is this the end of the series?

No. There is at least one more book, planned for late 2013.

What does the title mean?

It is a derivative of the Egyptian word for strength, nekh. Its other meanings are explored in the book.


You are aware the title sounds a little like Jessica Simpson pronouncing the word ‘naked,’ right?

Yes, and I’m OK with that. The Egyptian word came first, so to speak, and judging by the correspondence I’ve had with some super-smart people who read Reswyt, I don’t think the Nekhetnekkid Venn diagrams cross up much, if you know what I mean. Also, there are some themes of exposure and honesty in the book, and if I end up with a second layer of meaning – albeit redneck-themed – that’s a bonus, I guess. And finally, I just made you say it aloud a few times, and that last time you gave it a little Southern sass. That felt good, didn’t it?


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