A planet where apes evolved from men?

My first reaction was…really?

And then I gave the email another read, and tried a few of the links out…and I have to admit, it makes sense.

The kind, direct email I had received was from Book-Trailers.net, keepers of an apparently new phenom in book publishing; the book trailer. Not a literary trailer, per se; a cinematic trailer. The trailer for the movie your book would be – essentially skipping those pesky steps where rights are optioned, script adaptation is completed, locations are scouted, etc. It’s evolution running in reverse; did I write a novel? Or the novelization of a nonexistent movie? (Cue me, on horseback, shouting at the bust of the Statue of Liberty lying on a sandy beach.)

The process also turned out to be a great deal of fun. Had I not spent half the summer sitting with Hannah and working endlessly with Windows Live Movie Maker – bless its freeware heart – I probably would’ve shrugged and tossed the email into the someday folder. But, nearly-fresh off a solid July of assisting with transitions, wipes, clip sourcing and frame pacing, I felt up to it. The can-I-even-do-this version is up on the Facebook page, and the next one should be coming along shortly. They’re easy to make, fun to fool with, and intriguing as a concept.

I didn’t write Reswyt with any intention of it becoming a cinematographic property; I don’t really foresee anyone queuing up for Evynder and Sabine cups at Taco Bell, or joining (shudder) Team Dylan or Team Josh. But, oddly enough, I did write Reswyt with a sort of cinematographic mindset; I can distinctly recall moments where I’d think about ‘reshooting’ a scene or doing a ‘callback’ for characters whose temperament had changed since their original scenes were done. In a sense, I had the movie running in my head the entire time I worked on it.

Revisiting that mindset made the trailers enjoyable to make. I deliberately stayed away from including any real ‘characters’ in the trailers. I want your Sabine to be your Sabine, and your Queen to be your Queen. At some point in the writing process, it did become advantageous to have a face or two in mind as I was developing characters, so a few pics did go into the reference file. But by and large, I kept the trailers ‘conceptual.’ It was also great fun to explore a few prose snippets that could summarize the main idea of the book, too; nothing forces the copywriter skillset to the surface like have thirty seconds and perhaps twenty words to convey an idea.

I’m looking forward to feedback; does this sort of transmedia content do anything for you? If you’re new to the book, did it draw you in? Turn you off? Confuse the hell out of you? Let me know in Comments.


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